To put it quite simply, food allergies. Brent & Megen Hurst began making chocolate because it was difficult to find sweet treats that weren't loaded with processed sugars, gluten, dairy, and preservatives. With Megen being diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 31, the doctors chose to use harmful medications as a course of treatment, showing no positive results.

Learning that RA is a disease of the gut, Brent suggested that she try an all organic diet that was restricted to ingredients known to be anti-inflammatory to arthritic conditions. With much research and experimentation, taking a solely holistic approach, Megen acheived great goals in taking back control of her health. After about a year of a healthy eating lifestyle, she managed to regain increased mobility, lost a considerable amount of weight, and experienced less pain without any medications. She was healing herself with food.

One night, Brent asked Megen what she missed most about the culinary changes.

"Chocolate" is what she replied.

He said "We're going to make it! People make chocolate...we're qualified."

So they gave it a whirl!

Their first words were "Oh my!" So they started thinking of other things to add to the chocolate...goat milk caramel, pecans, coconut, dried fruit. The possibilities were endless!

They started sharing their sweet creations with their friends and family. Everyone that tried it exclaimed "Oh my!"

After many suggestions from their new chocolate fans, the Hursts decided to figure out a way to use their new discovery in a way that would help others that suffer from food allergies or dietary restrictions.







Our grandkids names are Owen and Hollie (hence the OH).

We love the great state of Michigan (there's the MI), and we love our hometown, Saint Johns the Mint capital of the world!

And "Oh my" is generally the first two words we hear when people try our chcocolate.

It's that simple, just like our original recipe chocolate that has, and always will be, handmade with love.

Owen and Hollie